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Images of the Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery, described as the “queen of the world’s private collections” is an art lovers paradise with pieces by such greats as Raphael, Antonio Canova, Bellini, Titian, Caravaggio etc, set in the context of an impressive mixture of trees, statuary and fountains of the surrounding gardens.

But it's almost worth it enough to alone see some of the original statuary done by "Mr. Baroque" Gian Lorenzo Bernini (referred to as the "Michelangelo of the next century") with pieces such as his David, Apollo and Daphne, Aeneas and even his Pluto and Persephone that was such a dynamic remake of renaissance like harmony that it was referred to as having kicked off the Baroque age!

At least the original nucleus of the Gallery is due to the Pope Paul Vth's Cardinal Nephew Scipione Borghese referred to as the "real master of Rome" who was such a great lover of the arts that he actually gave up one of the largest joint inheritances of his day in exchange for his family's artistic collections.

Scipione's artistic passion focused primarily on ancient Roman inspiration for which he went to such lengths as even imprisonment and clandestine nighttime removal of artwork for his gallery that ends up being almost a crash course through the senses of ancient Roman, Biblical and Greek Mythology.

Even having experienced many unfortunate loses such as quite a bit to Napoleon, the late 18th century ceiling paintings are one of the Gallery's most visually amazing aspects that so harmoniously reflect the most significant pieces and go along with the themes of the rooms.

Keep in mind that the Gallery is always closed on Monday's and you also MUST have a reservation that Rome Day Tours sets up for you while confirming tour times.

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