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Rome Day Tours - Introduction:

Rome Day Tours is dedicated to providing you and your family and friends the best possible tours in Rome.

Experienced, educated, native English speaking and Officially Licensed Tour Guide of Rome. With only a few hours or several days, Rome Day Tours make the History of Rome come alive! The sun-like background ("Day" tours) is a visual of "sheding light" contextually upon Rome's amazing attributes.
Touring through the Vatican on a very hot summer day, with Rich holding an ice pack!

About Rome Day Tours:

American Rich Brunn started this company while finishing up his Masters while living here in Rome and teaching Roman Topography (Ancient) and Medieval/ Renaissance Roman and European History at St. Stephen's high school in Rome.

He has gone on to receive his official touring license as an "Accompagnatore Turistico" and is one of the very few Americans to also become an Officially Licensed Tour Guide of Rome (Guida Turistica di Roma). Check out Rome Day Tours with Rich Brunn on Tripadvisor!

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Why have a Tour in Rome:

Rome has a seemingly endless list of important Emperors, Popes, Artists and Architects that have played some major role in creating this multi-layered topography. Rome Day Tours help bring together many of Rome's apparently isolated monuments into a logical and memorable whole for the casual visitor/ tourist.

We'll see how Rome's monuments are such an interesting reflection of the changing cultural, political and religious dynamics that produced them over the centuries. It's also helpful that our Rome Tours are able to move right past large groups and get tickets in advance at even such crowded places as the Colosseum.

Some Typical Rome Day Tours:

#1: The Historical Center is a complex layering of Rome's hundreds of years of history, art and architecture that makes for a fantastic introduction to the city. It's one of Rich's favorites as it's such a nice mix of all of Rome's most famous periods such as ancient, Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces, with highlights being the Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. Read more about this suggestion by clicking here.

A very typical small group size touring in the Colosseum

#2:Ancient Rome covers a pretty extensive time frame from the foundations of the ancient Roman Monarchy, through some of the most significant elements of the Republic, Empire and even the very infrequent Snow (such as in the photo to the left Rich took February 12th of 2010). The main highlights include the Roman Forums, Palatine Hill and Colosseum. Read more about this suggestion by clicking here.
Image of the Roman Forum taken February 12th, 2010

#3: The Vatican tour delves into some of the most important pieces of artwork in the western world, through the Vatican Museums, Raphael Rooms, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. While afternoon and even occasional special nighttime tours are available, the BEST way is to start off from 8:30 AM before they've even opened up to the general public at 9:00 AM that allows one of the most un-crowded and pleasant visits imaginable at the Vatican. Read more about this suggestion by clicking here.

Some specialized walking tour options:

#4: Hidden Gems covers some of Rome's most spectacular hidden architectural and artistic gems centered on Rome's Esquiline hill, including San Clemente, St. Peter in Chains and Santa Prassede. Read more about this suggestion by clicking here.

#5: Ostia Antica is an amazingly well preserved nearby archaeological site that is in many ways very similar to Pompeii. Read more about this suggestion by clicking here.

#6: The Borghese Gallery has always been for me the one other must in Rome, described as the “queen of the world’s private collections”. It's almost worth it enough to alone see some of the original statuary done by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (referred to as the "Michelangelo of the next century"). It's an art lovers paradise with pieces by Raphael, Antonio Canova etc. Read more about this suggestion by click here.

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